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Perfect365 Makeover App is Simply Too Fun

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arcsoft for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is it possible for a software application to be “too fun?” If so, ArcSoft’s Perfect365 software would be in the running for that designation.

I purchased the Perfect365 iPhone app, at a reasonable price of 99 cents. You never know when you are going to be waiting in line somewhere and bored silly. 99 cents is a small price to pay, even for a program that may be mediocre.


Well, Perfect365 is far from mediocre! It is a program similar to Instagram, in the sense that it allows you to add effects to photos (especially when comparing apps on a smart phone), but it does something rather different. It allows you to create makeup looks on photos of people, not just an image overlay, but complete “looks” with eye color, eyelashes, lipstick, even facial reconstruction.

You can take a picture with your phone, right from inside the Perfect365 app and the Perfect365 will scan the photo to find the face. By the way, it only works on humans. I tried it with my Chihuahua and the Perfect365 told me there were no faces. Once the Perfect365 finds the face, it positions what it calls, keypoints, to the image. These are represented by little dots in the edges of the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, to help the software to know what to change. These can all be modified. So, if the app doesn’t quite find the edge of the eye, you can tap the point and move it to the correct position. On the iPhone, there is a pop-up image showing you were the point should be, by demonstrating on a diagram for you.

On the free Perfect365 Windows 8 app, there is a little more control, since you have a larger screen and a mouse or trackpad, and you are able to fine tune the positioning. Also, with the Windows 8 desktop Perfect365 application, it was convenient to apply the “look” and then re-position the keypoints with the look applied. Why? Because, for example, if the lipstick looks like a 4 year old applied it, repositioning the keypoints will correct that and position the “lipstick overlay” where it should be (or as close as our ability to fine tune the keypoints). image In my example, I started with a photo taken with the iPhone, of a model with no makeup on her face (shown above, left).

After allowing the iOS version to apply the keypoints, I chose a preset that was available, called “Fantasy” (shown above, middle).

After un-doing my changes, I tried the customized method and fine-tuned the keypoints and choose my own “effects” to apply to the photo (shown above, right).


Granted, I felt like I might need binoculars to see what the text was on buttons on the iPhone, but you can certainly see much clearer on your Windows 8 desktop version of the software, or, even an iPad. Besides, if I were to use the software to create a masterpiece, I am more likely to do so on the Windows 8 desktop version. Playing with it on the iPhone is a lot of fun to “play” and see what you can come up with by playing with the settings. If you are unsure what one of the buttons says, as soon as you click on one of them that requires settings, you will see the text and an option to change the settings. So, for example, in the photo (above), I change the shape of the models face, nose, cheekbones, and the depth of her smile. This app really does do facial reconstruction! I then added color and makeup and Perfect365 allowed me to save “myStyle” so that I can apply it to future photos, along with the presets like “Fantasy” (shown above, middle). image

By using the Windows 8 desktop version, I was able to have a much more granular control over the effects. The downloadable version of the software at allows you to try out the software, to see for yourself. There are limitations, until you purchase it, but at least you get a chance to see if this is the software for you. The image (to the left) was created with the Windows 8 desktop version, using a preset, and then manually modifying the settings, colors, facial structure, etc. I confess, I am tempted to take photos of people when I am waiting in line and create makeovers of them. Technically, that isn’t nice without asking their permission, but imagine how entertaining and relational that could be if you did ask if you could take a picture of someone, while waiting in line with them, and show how you can perform a makeover? And, what about the parties in the park? Too tired to go play soccer with the young ones? Sit back and snap pictures of each other and perform makeovers. At the beauty salon? Snap a photo of yourself or your stylist and show them the “look” you want. You are a blogger? Have a contest with photos submitted to the contest. Oh, the possibilities for fun are literally endless. Like I said, this app is “too fun” and being able to download Perfect365 it and try it right now makes it even better.


P.S. There are even more versions available for download (and more features!). Check it out. There is literally, something for everyone.

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