Deborah has been there. She's done that. YOU can benefit. She is an experienced (and educated with MS in Psychology) and specializing in teamwork and business psychology.

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Deborah's Videos

Welcome to Deborah's Social Web Cafe Channel!

Deborah (and her husband) enjoy bringing you into their videography and sound studio by way of the Social Web Cafe studio, a part of Seaside Records (also where Deborah E's chart topping EP was recorded!).

About Deborah

They Call Her Deborah

Deborah is multi-faceted. She is no stranger to the stage or camera, as a successful Los Angeles Jazz singer (aka Deborah E or “Lady D”), reaching her success in the online arena. She is also a technology guru, having served as Director of the IT Department for two high-profile...

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GetResponse and Their New Marketing Automation

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Why You Should Consider Creating Your Graphics With an Online Tool

Graphics creation was once the domain of graphic designers. For large projects, graphic designers are still an indispensable resource. However, with the proliferation of blogs [...]

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